Legal translation

Almost every person in the field of business and not only faced with important legal papers that require accurate translation into a foreign language for further action. Legal translation of documents is the translation of important documents that relate to the legal field of data exchange between representatives of different countries. We can confidently say that the list of official documents of individuals and legal entities is not small, and almost every paper is considered very important, so the type of such translation is particularly in demand today. It should be understood that the document itself and its translation lead to certain consequences related to laws and rights.

Idioma Translation Agency experienced specialists are engaged in oral and written legal translations for several years. There are a lot of differences between a regular translation and a legal translation. It is enough only that the documents related to the legal field, after translation into English, require subsequent verification by qualified lawyers for accuracy and correctness. Important: at the request of the client, the bureau can provide additional advice from a specialist. There are TOP 10 documents that most often need legal translation:

  • laws and regulations;
  • power of attorney in any form;
  • excerpts, references, and registers of any type;
  • constituent documents for opening/closing and conducting business outside of your own country;
  • contracts and agreements of any level of complexity and focus;
  • papers related to inheritance;
  • notarial certificates;
  • claims, statements, agreements;
  • of the license, opinions, and certificates;
  • financial statements, statements, etc.

Such documents very often carry certain consequences related to laws. That is why for our office there is no ‘simple’ translation of documents on legal topics. We evaluate our work from the point of view of the fact that it can affect the course of further events in the life of the customer. To avoid misunderstandings and problems, the specialists of our office immediately before executing the order find out in detail where and for what purposes this translation will be made.