Notarization of the translation

Notarized translation is performed by a certified specialist, and certified with a signature and personal seal by a notary. Only in this way does the translated text become an official document for use in another state or, conversely, a foreign official document on the territory of Ukraine.

Such translations are most often certified with the notary’s seal:

  • personal documents: passport, driver’s license, pensioner’s license, military ID card, and ITN;
  • certificates of birth, death, marriage or divorce, change of the last name, etc.;
  • documents on obtaining education: certificates with an appendix to them, certificates with an appendix, diplomas of universities and other special educational institutions with an appendix, certificates from the place of study, extracts from the register of information about the student’s success, others;
  • documents confirming the work activity of a citizen: certificates from the organization where he works, and about the income received, workbooks and others;
  • documents and certificates from banks: about the opening of a bank account, about the transfer and movement of money, account statements, and others;
  • legal documents: extracts, statements of marital status, permits for minor children to travel abroad, powers of attorney, consents, and others;
  • documents of a procedural nature: a court decision, certificates issued by the judicial authorities, and others;
  • documents issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs: extracts from the criminal record register, other;
  • documents confirming the registration of legal entities: charters, statements, agreements on the establishment of the enterprise, minutes of meetings held, extracts from the registers of state registration, and other:
  • licenses, certificates;
  • financial reports and accounting reports;
  • intergovernmental agreement, invoices, various agreements, invoices, and so on.

The guarantee of your rights at every stage of notarial translation is the professional activity of Idioma Translation Agency’s employees for many years, as well as positive customer reviews.