Editing ready-made translations

From the Latin language, the word redactus is interpreted as put in order. Editing ready-made translations involve a detailed assessment, analysis, and correction of the text, if necessary. To check the translation, you need to check the finished text with the original sample, and if you find any shortcomings, correct them. If the text is narrowly focused and has a high level of complexity, highly qualified experts of the field on which the translation is made are involved in its proofreading. The editor of the company must have qualified training, speak foreign languages and native language at a high level (the level of the native speaker), also he must have editing skills and experience in working with texts and translations.

Competent proofreading includes:

  • correction of errors in grammar and vocabulary sections;
  • correction of stylistic inaccuracies;
  • correction of inaccuracies in the translation of certain words and terminology;
  • detection of missing episodes in the finished text.

If the text that was previously translated has been corrected and the new translation makes no sense, then the editor saves the company’s time and the customer’s budget by making appropriate adjustments and updating the translation. The text translation editing service is several times cheaper than text translation.

If the client has independently translated the document, but there are doubts about the correctness of the written text, he can bring the finished text to Idioma Translation Agency for editing, where we will bring it to mind. Important: if the editor notices that the translation is very lame and clearly shows signs of translation using an application or a standard computer translator, then such an order will be evaluated as a full-fledged translation service.

Quite often, a native speaker and a foreign editor take part in the translation process. This helps to increase confidence in the accuracy of the order and that the text will be clear to others. Most often, foreign editors take part in the translation of a humanitarian text, which contains a minimum number of special terms.