Document delivery around the world

Idioma Translation Agency is famous not only for its professionalism but also for delivering important documents to any corner of the world. Document delivery around the world is a unique service that is used by a huge number of our clients from other regions and countries. How does it work? First, you contact us and tell us what service you want to purchase, after the deadlines are set, we start our work. Upon completion, ready-made translations or certified documentation are sent to the specified address, which can be located anywhere that is convenient for the customer.

Our company can also send a ready-made document to your friends, business partners, friends, or relatives. Of course, we do not use carrier pigeons and our two ones, the bureau cooperates with world-famous carrier companies that help us deliver parcels around the world for several years. Below is a list of those thanks to whom your parcels are delivered within the agreed time frame. Love and favor, TOP-4 partners who will deliver your document in integrity and safety.

  1. Ukrposhta. It is characterized by low payment for its work, and also recently boasts an updated and convenient service. The client can order the delivery of the document to any place in their city, and the courier will kindly transfer our translation directly into your hands. The impressive list of countries (230), of which 192 are members of the International Postal Union, is striking.
  2. New Mail International. Since 2015, the company has been providing its services worldwide. Thanks to this experience, Novaya Pochta offers its customers three options for sending parcels: by air, by sea, and by car. Important: this corporation sends documents not only there, but also back.
  3. DHL Express. The scale and global scale of this company can not be compared with anything that only costs a huge number of places where your parcel can be delivered. The corporation also provides its customers with powerful information support, it is always available to get detailed advice, also, you can track where your envelope is in real time.
  4. ExpressMail. Manage everything-the company’s motto. Work with them representatives of large companies, banks, embassies, travel agencies, etc. They claim that they can deliver a letter even to Mars, and we believe them. Recently, the company has introduced a real-time tracking program, so you can track where your parcel is located and roughly calculate when it will be in your hands.

Idioma is always open to new ideas and suggestions, so if you have an interesting or new option say it, we will take everything into account and will be happy to turn the idea into reality.