Technical translation

Idioma Translation Agency has been providing its services to clients for several years and works with more than ten of the most popular and popular industries, providing a technical translation of documents related to such activities.

  1. Medicine.
  2. Economy.
  3. Finance.
  4. Jurisprudence.
  5. Tourism.
  6. Construction.
  7. Computer technologies.
  8. Marketing.
  9. Education.
  10. Industrial equipment and mechanical engineering.

Technical translation is quite a painstaking and difficult process, as often specialists have to translate various kinds of instructions (for computer programs, equipment, industrial equipment, etc.). Our team of specialists has all the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out an accurate, competent translation of a complex document. In the end, the customer will receive a professional translation that is understandable for human perception. Each language has its specifics, especially for technical texts, where there is a lot of complex terminology-all these nuances are taken into account by our translators.

For example: if the Ukrainian text was previously translated from Polish, then it will not be difficult to translate it into Russian since in principle the languages have an etymological relationship. However, if you need to translate a technical text into English from Chinese, then the task becomes more complicated. In such cases, the team invites a translator from Chinese or a native speaker to work. Since there are many customers and the situation is different for everyone, we discuss all the details individually with each customer to avoid various misunderstandings in the future.