Translation services at a notary

Why do I need a notary translator? This question is often asked by people who, as a rule, do not have any difficulties visiting a lawyer. However, everything changes when you have to turn to a foreign specialist. In such a difficult situation, you can not do without the services of a professional translator, with which you can solve notarial issues. They must have at least a basic knowledge of legal terminology, as well as certain skills necessary to read and understand the documentation.

Translation services at a notary are a separate job, a type of support that have some features. The person performing the translation must have a diploma of higher education in the specialty with the indication of a specific language. According to the established regulations, only a specialist who has graduated from a specialized university and has a diploma of translator has the right to certify the finished translation with a personal signature.

Examples of situations where you may need a translator from a notary public from a translation agency:

  • during the execution of a power of attorney for a citizen of another country;
  • by signing bilingual documents and contracts that require further certification of the notary;
  • for foreigners: in the preparation of documents in the Ukrainian language;
  • if it is necessary to certify or register the charter of the company in which foreigners work;
  • when signing or canceling contracts with foreign partners;
  • other translated documents where certification is required;
  • if there are specific reasons for notarizing the translation.

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