Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the types of interpretation that requires maximum attention and concentration from a specialist translator. The translator, in addition to excellent command of the language and very clear diction, must have a quick reaction to the information received, resourcefulness and endurance. Also, the work of a simultaneous translation specialist requires a high level of stress tolerance. After all, the process takes place in real time. The specialist must simultaneously pronounce the translation of the foreign speaker’s words, making pauses synchronously with the opponent. Thus, the speech of the speaker and the translator coincide. At the same time, all the emotional and semantic load is completely preserved and transmitted: facial expressions, gestures, even mood.

Cases when you need the simultaneous translation from a translation agency:

  • at international political conferences;
  • during the so-called round tables;
  • in the field of business negotiations, meetings, and meetings;
  • if necessary, an interpreter in the scientific and technical field;
  • during seminars, briefings, and lectures, where foreign speakers can be involved;
  • in the field of exchange of cultural experience and knowledge: at symposiums, presentations, excursions, etc.;
  • at various events where there is a need for an interpreter: performances, performances of foreign speakers;
  • commentators in the field of sports.

Idioma Translation Agency employs highly qualified translators with experience in simultaneous translation