Written translation

Document translation is a complete, comprehensive translation of information from one language to another. Idioma Translation Agency performs written translations of both general and highly specialized subjects. During text translation, the translator takes into account the structure, style, logic of the presentation of information, as well as the national characteristics peculiar to the language with which the work is carried out.

If the meaning of the text is difficult for the customer to understand, it is accompanied by various additions or notes explaining the terminology, the context of its use, and the origin of the word. Idioma Translation Agency works with written translations of the following subjects:

  • standard or template documents (passport, various certificates, certificates, military ID, etc.);
  • technical documentation (operating instructions, user manual, accompanying documents);
  • business correspondence (letters, resumes, invoices, consignment notes, etc.);
  • financial and economic documents (analytical and accounting reports, tender agreements, business plan, scientific articles);
  • legal documentation (constituent and statutory documents, agreements, contracts, powers of attorney, extracts from the State Register);
  • medical documents (instructions for drugs or equipment, research results, clinical trials, medical history, diagnoses, etc.);
  • web resources and sites, regardless of the subject;
  • works of art, educational literature.

Text translation leaves the reader in no doubt that it was written in the right language. The final work corresponds to the grammatical and lexical norms of the written language into which it is translated, and each style will differ in the features and rules of the material design.

Excellent literacy of the translated document is guaranteed by a team of highly qualified specialists consisting of linguists, editors, proofreaders, who possess a special technique. Idioma Translation Agency pays special attention to the selection of personnel, so there are no difficult tasks for us.

Features of our written translation:

  1. The most accurate presentation of the information contained in the source document.
  2. The meaning of the original text is not distorted during the transmission of factual information and difficult to adapt segments.
  3. For transliteration of full names, proper names, names, titles, and other things, we focus exclusively on the current requirements.
  4. Our range of services includes notarization of translated documents.
  5. Work with specialized CAT-Tools software, which is necessary for maximum quality control in online mode.
  6. Performing a separate proofreading of the completed translation by a native speaker, this service is provided upon agreement.
  7. It is possible to order a written translation of a small part of the document (up to 1800 characters, including spaces).
  8. From the moment of placing an order, a personal manager is assigned to the client, who pre-evaluates the volume of the text, the cost of translation, the deadline for completion, and also selects specialists to work with the text.

Idioma Translation Agency highly values not only its own time but also your time, so the work is well-coordinated, fast, and high-quality. Leave a request for a written translation on our website soon, the manager will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation.