Working with text

When the client sends the text for translation, our team begins to work as one solid, well-coordinated mechanism. In most cases, a person sees only a high-quality translated text, but in order for it to become such, a complex and painstaking work was done by far no one. For the finished translation to be read fast, a group of highly qualified specialists is taken to work:

  • proofreader-responsible for editing the text for grammatical and spelling errors;
  • editor is engaged in editing for the stylistics of the translated text;
  • a translator with knowledge in a particular field (the field of medicine a medic, economics an economist, etc.) checks whether the topic is correctly disclosed in the text, it happens that native speakers are also engaged in this work.

As a result of the well-coordinated work of all employees, the client at the end receives a well-written text, understandable for a person, but with specifics on the topic and with explanations of all difficult-to-perceive nuances. If necessary, our office provides additional comments to the text on how to properly submit and interpret it. Idioma Translation Agency does not only translate texts into foreign languages, we are ready to offer a wide range of services that you can use both in  complex and separately. What are the stages of working with the text?

  1. Editing. This word means the elimination of errors related to the style of the text, as well as the reconciliation of the correspondence of terminological meanings. Often such work is carried out in cases where there are controversial or unclear points, but to make adjustments or not, it is decided either by the translator or the client. Editing makes the text adapted and visually appealing to the reader. You can draw a parallel with a puzzle or puzzle, when the details are in their places, the overall picture looks great, as well as with the text. Most often, in a duet with editing, there is a proofreading process.
  2. Thanks to this action, the text is put in order, roughly speaking, the specialist re-reads the material for possible detection of spelling, grammatical and syntactic problems in the text, without further changing the content. Most likely, a simple reader will not notice the mistake when proofreading the text, but a professional proofreader will calculate the error in a second.
  3. No one today will be surprised by this innovation. Some people will unknowingly think that typing is a trifle, which is not the case. If typing a message or typing a text on one page is easy, but what if you need to translate an entire book into an electronic format for several hundred or even thousands of sheets or reprint a course paper or a thesis? For a simple person, this will take at least a few days, but a professional typesetter will cope with this task in a couple of hours or days, depending on the volume. Moreover, specialists can type text from any source, whether it is a copy, hand-written text, video, or audio recording. We can also digitize drawings, tables, layouts, graphs, and diagrams.
  4. It is responsible for the attractive visual part of the project, that is, it is the presentation of the text on the document page. Layout can be carried out in standard programs MicrosoftOffice, OpenOffice, or in special editors for professional use AdobeInDesign, MicrosoftPublisher, CorelDRAW or QuarkXPress, AdobePageMaker. Our specialists will perform the layout for the client in electronic and printed versions.
  5. To do this, a specially trained person writes the text from scratch, according to the requirements of the technical task, which was compiled by the customer. Often these are advertising texts in which the specialist gives everything in the best light and describes the positive properties of the product or service. This can also include writing slogans, landing pages, scripts of various types, email newsletters, etc. Specialists who speak a foreign language are more in demand, as they easily adapt foreign advertising literature to the local market.
  6. SEO-copywriting. This is only an advertising text with the presence of key requests (keys) for further promotion of the product or service. The translation agency Idioma is engaged in writing texts at a professional level, we offer you to use this service with us.

Rewriting. Reprinting the finished text to achieve maximum uniqueness. Uniqueness is the recognition of text material by search engines as new, which was previously not seen on third-party sites. Thanks to rewriting, the selected text can be brought to the ideal parameters and make it better than the original, while preserving the information content.