Standard documents translation

The standard document is considered to be a template, often a personal document of a citizen of the country with a volume of up to 1800 characters. Idioma Translation Agency translates documents according to the current standards and samples because the contractor has two tasks: to do everything as accurately as possible and accurately convey the information of the original document. This applies to the full name, date of birth, locality, address of residence, as well as personal data and events.

Standard documents include:

  • translation of passport;
  • any kind of certificate, i.e. birth, death, marriage and divorce, change of the last name, first name, etc.;
  • certificates of the established sample (about work, place of study, family composition, no criminal record, income declaration, etc.);
  • documents confirming the existence of education: diploma, certificate, certificate, certificates, additions to them;
  • driver’s license, also known as a driver’s license;
  • military ID card;
  • various extracts from the State Register (bank, registration of ownership of the real estate, house book);
  • applications and permits, for example, to travel outside the country.

The completed translation of documents is thoroughly checked by the proofreader both before and after notarization.