Certificate of no criminal record

A certificate of no criminal record is one of the documents issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The certificate confirms that the citizen of the country has not previously been brought to administrative or criminal responsibility, and is not wanted. The document is valid not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The certificate of non-criminal record has the form of an A5 format form with a unique number and series, which is entered in the register of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The document is certified with a wet seal.

Why do I need to issue a certificate of non-criminal record:

  1. Opportunities to work with securities.
  2. Gaining access to psychostimulants and narcotic drugs.
  3. Registration of guardianship over minors.
  4. Obtaining foreign citizenship and a residence permit.
  5. Obtaining permission to participate in state auctions and tenders.
  6. Recovery of lost identity documents (passport).
  7. The issuance of visas and documentation to the social security authorities.

You need to use a certificate of non-criminal record immediately after receiving it since its validity period is strictly limited. Depending on the organization that submitted the document, it is valid for no more than three months.

Today, you can issue a document remotely, without being present in the territory of Ukraine. To get the documentation in an online format, you need to send us a scanned copy for translation. Acceptable formats are pdf (requires an extension of 250 dpi), jpg or jpeg. We will also need a scan of your passport in a similar format to reliably enter your data.

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